EXERCISE: Good For Your Body And Mind (And Your Skin!)

It's no secret exercise is vital for a healthy heart and mind. Many people don't realize that when we do a cardio workout, their are many health benefits for the skin. Walking, running, swimming and cycling - any activity that increases your heart rate and promotes circulation, will not only keep you fit, but these activities will help maintain healthy, vibrant skin too!


When we increase our heart rate through exercise we are increasing blood flow to all our organs, including the skin. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells and, but at the same time, blood also helps flush away waste products, including free radicals.


Inflammation is to believed to have a negative influence on the health of the heart and other organs and inflammation is also a well known enemy of the skin. Growing scientific evidence suggests that regular exercise reduces biological markers of inflammation. Other research indicates that regular vigorous exercise that aids in the reduction of the body's overall level of fat is helpful in the fight against inflammation: fat cells are well known to release pro-inflammatory molecules.


When we exercise, we sweat, and the process can help clean out pores. Exercise can also help stimulate another important skin cell function; producing natural oils that make our skin resilient and vibrant.


Regular exercise has been proven to decrease stress and bouts of depression. In some people, stress is known to cause or skin conditions like acne or eczema. So any activity that reduces stress may also help improve our skin.


The biggest risk to skin when we exercise is exposure to the sun. So always wear sunscreen. If you swim, chlorine or other harsh pool chemicals can dry skin. After you take a post exercise shower, be always sure to moisturise.

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