Benefits Of Aromatherapy & Pregnancy Massage Combined

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Lets talk about Aromatherapy and Pregnancy. Did you know you can enjoy Massage treatments during your pregnancy, but also enjoy the amazing powers that Aromatherapy can offer during those special 9 months.



Aromatherapy is a daily must have, whether man, woman or during pregnancy.

True Aromatherapy uses essential oils at therapeutic levels.

On an EMOTIONAL level, the aromas of essential oils have a dynamic effect.

The sense of SMELL is the most primitive of our senses and is linked to the deepest parts of the brain which govern basic instincts, memories and emotions.


On a PHYSICAL level, because essential oils are made up of very small molecules, they are able to penetrate into our bloodstream ans can HELP many problems. They are used extensively in the Spa Industry to help ease MUSCULAR ACHES & PAINS, improve CIRCULATION and also ease SINUS CONGESTION.


'A very special time'

Whilst pregnancy is a WONDERFUL & EXCITING TIME, the bodily demands of the developing baby and the HORMONAL CHANGES taking place can cause a wide variety of PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL CHANGES.

Above all, for most women it is a time when they wish to maximize their own health in order to give their child the best possible start in life.

SPECIALIZED PREGNANCY TREATMENTS given with care by qualified and experienced therapists can HELP to BALANCE EMOTIONS and RELIEVE FEELINGS OF ANXIETY


The answer is Y E S !!!!

Providing that the therapist is WELL QUALIFIED, KNOWLEDGEABLE, WORKS WITH CARE & SENSITIVITY plus WHO FOLLOWS THE GUIDELINES it is totally and utterly SAFE!!!!

Sensible Precautions For Treating A Pregnant Woman . . . .

SO....If you are going for a pregnancy treatment by a fully qualified therapist the following will be asked during your consultation; whether on the phone or in person.

1. No pregnancy treatment is to be performed BEFORE 12 WEEKS!

This is SOOOOOOO Important!!!!

2. If you have endured any of the following we can not treat you without your Doctors permission ~

Poor Obstetric History >>> Miscarriage, Bleeding

3. Check to see if any other contra indications or medical conditions before treatment ~

Varicose Veins, Swelling (Pre Eclampsia), Skin Irritations / Rashes, Increased Sensitivity


Normal massage treatments may be given ;

6 weeks if you had a natural birth

12 weeks if yo had a C-Section

BREAST FEEDING MOTHERS may still have the Aromatherapy Massage, however you will only be able to have the 'pregnancy safe' oils - as during your pregnancy massage.

Aromatherapy At Home -

Create your own blissful moments at home. Other than specialized treatments, you can extend the aromatherapy experience at the comfort of your own home with a number of products that are suitable for expectant mothers. The ingredients that are used in aromatherapy products can work to RELEIVE SYMPTOMS that are quite often experienced during your pregnancy.

For example, LAVENDER aids SLEEP as it helps to RELAX YOUR BODY to give you a BETTER nights sleep.

ROSE is a powerful oil. It is a natural ANTI DEPRESSANT, so perfect for when you are feeling low and emotional as Rose helps to uplift. It is also incredible to protect and nourish the skin, preventing or reducing stretch marks. A must have item post birth if you do suffer with stretch marks.

CHAMOMILE is soothing and calming. Combined with JOJOBA and APRICOT it is wonderfully soothing to itchy, sensitive skin.

At Moroccan Rose,

Treating Pregnant Women is something we specialize in.

Our Beautiful 'The Ultimate Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage' is the most relaxing, soothing and comforting head to toe treatment.

It is 75 minutes of pure bliss.

Starting with a nurturing back massage, soothing facial cleanse and stress relieving face and scalp massage, before working on the chest, arms, stomach - optional but wonderfully soothing, and finishing with a muscle soothing leg and foot massage.

The treatment focusses on Lymphatic drainage throughout, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Muscle soothing working on tight areas; lower back, shoulders and legs in particular as well as nourishing the skin with either ORGANIC SUPER SENSITIVE, RENEWING ROSE or NOURISHING ENRICH Aromatherapy blend. All are 100% safe and completely natural throughout pregnancy.

We also offer a shorter version of this treatment ' The Ultimate Aromatherapy Pregnancy Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage' which is 25 minutes and focuses on soothing the lower back and shoulders.


I hope this has been informative and if you are feeling unsure whether a pregnancy treatment is for you, we really hope we have put your mind at ease, and you feel more confident in experiencing - as they are super relaxing.

For more details on our treatments, products used (Aromatherapy Associates) or how Aromatherapy can work for YOU, we would LOVE to hear from you.

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