Summer Skin Care Tips

Hi Everyone,

How AMAZING is this glorious British weather! Definitely a Summer to remember and our hottest since 1976!!

Lets talk SKIN....

Our skin is a wonderful thing. Our bodies largest organ one which is so hardworking.

How do you give some love back to your skin?

Firstly lets all remember too much sun is bad for our skin. Over exposure to sun rays can cause dryness of the skin as well as premature ageing.

Our skin contains a pigment called Melanin, too much sun exposure causes more melanin to be produced. This is why a prolonged stay under the direct sun can cause a change in your skin colour or even tanning.

This is why sun screen is highly highly recommended.

Here are a list of Summer skincare tips that would help all skin types.....


Your face is your identity to the world!

So you should love, care and protect it 365 days a year!

Summer months warrant extra care, a special skin care regime one that hydrates and keeps your skin clear and grime free.

A lot of people encounter breakouts and pimples during sunnier months.

If you are one of them, ensure you thoroughly clean your skin; morning and evening. We recommend you do not layer your skin in make up and always remove make up before bed to clean the skin.


The thick creams you were using throughout winter may not be your best friend during those hot summer months.

Summer months you need lighter products to allow your skin to breathe naturally. Go for lighter textures.



UV Rays are super harmful for your skin any time of the year, but more so during the summer months. Pick a sunscreen that gels into your skin that is easily absorbed. SPF 50 is most recommended.

Sunscreen helps prevent the skin from burning in the sun, reduced premature ageing and safe guards from skin cancer.

Sun rays are at the harshest between 12pm an 4pm during those summer months.

Don't forget the skin around the eyes and lip area.

Often forgotten, but remember the skin is thinner around these areas and much more delicate.

5 DON'T FEAR THE SUN - Embrace it!!

Don't be afraid of the sun, enjoy it!

Sun is a natural mood enhancer - helping our bodies to produce more serotonin, a feel good boosting hormone.

This is why during winter our moods are low, due to a reduction in serotonin.

Just ensure you balance with a good skin care routine and protect yourself from the harmful impact of the sun rays.

DAY TO DAY - Face Care

- Cleanse AM / PM Daily

- Tonic AM / PM Daily

- Eye and Lip Care AM / PM Daily

- Serum AM / PM Daily

- Mask 2x Week - Personally I love to apply a face mask during the evening

- Exfoliate 1x Week - Personally I love to do an exfoliation at home during the evening

- Oil AM / PM Daily - If you are worried to apply oils to the skin during the day, apply evening only

DAY TO DAY - Body Care

- Exfoliate 1x Week

- Hydrate AM / PM Daily - Oil, Serum, Body Butter : Layer lock if you can

- Dry Body Brush AM / PM Daily

Don't forget those feet!!

Our feet are the driest part of our body. We have no oil glands, so we need to hydrate feet daily am / pm

Happy Summer!!

Until next time....

Moroccan Rose

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