Summer Skin Care

It is FINALLY British Summertime!

As a skin specialist, I am often told 'my skin care products have stopped working' or 'my skin is fine, normal so I don't feel I need to apply any products'........

Skin care products do NOT stop working.

Like anything, our skin changes. This is due to a number of things including;

Skin DNA, Ageing, Stress, Diet, Lack of sleep....

Another big issue is the climate we live in including environmental aggressors such as pollution, heat, uv sun rays, rain, dirt in the air, getting on the tube the list is endless

Our skin needs daily goodness, love and care just like fuelling our body with healthy options full of nutrition.

What we put in to our bodies will show up on our skin.

Here are six summer skin care tips everyone should be following for summer skin confidence.


Exfoliation is key for skin on the face and body.

By exfoliating your skin once a week this will result in the removal of deal, dull skin debris to prevent congestion and improves better hydration and absorbance of following products, such as moisturisers.

By exfoliating your face weekly, will result in a smoother complexion allowing make up to sit better on the skin, not in the skin for a fresh dewy look!

Do not forget after any form of exfoliation to your face always re balance the skin with a skin tonic (toner) to restore the ph balance and skin barrier. This gets disrupted during exfoliation.

A skin toner also aids in better penetration with following products such as serums, oils and moisturisers.


Keep your skin hydrated.

Apply a hydrating mask once a week if your skin is on the dryer side naturally.

If your skin is oily, a deep cleansing mask will help to clean the skin and remove excess oil build up but remember, oily skin is when our sebaceous (oil) glands over produce oil to compensate for lack of moisture in the skin - resulting in excess oil so a hydrating mask would still be beneficial for all skin types.

If your skin feels tight during work, at the gym, travelling etc, spritz a tonic water over your face to refresh and cool parched skin.

Temperature and more time spent outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can show on your skin.


When in doubt, apply apply apply!

Application of sunscreen is simply not enough. you must apply frequently and often. Studies show so many people do not apply any or not enough recommended sunscreen.

How much should I apply?

Face 5p size or a teaspoon amount. For the body, approximately enough product that would fill half a shot glass.

Today's sophisticated products and advanced technologies let us select sun protection, dependant on our skin concerns and requirements for the best protection.


Soothe post sun exposed skin.

You forgot to apply your sunscreen or did not apply enough or thought its been cloudy today I don't need to apply any protection think again.

Unfortunately the damage has already been done. But that does not mean you need to suffer in pain!

Skin loving and skin soothing botanical's can really help prevent peeling and reduce redness and inflammation to the skins layers.

Apply a generous amount of after sun lotions to areas of over exposed skin, preferably at the first sign of a pink glow.

Neglecting to wear a sun protector, or not freqently applying can significantly increase your risk of melanoma - remember to get a yearly examination from your doctor to be safe than sorry.

Check your skin for any changes to the colour, texture and appearance. Go to your doctor immediately if you detect anything abnormal or you feel concerned.


What causes skin damage -

UV light causes photo ageing in the form of brown spots, coarse skin and wrinkles. Whether you get burnt or not the skin will suffer some damage.

Soothing serums, hydrating serums, nourishing body butters and oils will soothe, repair and re hydrate.

For specialist advice on products please contact the salon

Call 01708 912 568


or schedule a skin consultation, where we can assess your skin under a professional skin lamp and prescribe the correct products for you to use this summertime.

Daily Regime everyone should be following -

Am - Cleanse face and body with a professional facial cleanser and separate for the body.

Am -Tone skin on the face after cleansing

Exfoliation and Mask 1x weekly

Personally I like to do a mask and skin exfoliation to face and body in the evening. Why? Because I then layer my skin in goodness; oils, serums and body butters which will work whilst sleeping.

Am and Pm - Hydrate the skin daily with a serum, oil and moisturiser to face and body. Not forgetting your SPF which should be applied every single morning every day of the year.

Am and Pm - Eyes are often forgotten. Apply your eye care daily. These are available in gels or cream based.

Treat your skin to some skin loving goodness and tlc this summer!

Until next time

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