GROW By Hair Gain

Worried about hair loss?

Losing your hair can be terrifying. But hair loss in both men and women is more common than you might think.

By the age of 50, a quarter of all women and half of all men are affected by hair loss.

Causes include;

Stress, anxiety, post pregnancy, hormonal fluctation, age, poor diet and over styling your hair.

But there IS a solution!

GROW By Hair Gain

Scientifically formulated as a vegan and vegeterian capsule that promotes visibly thicker and fuller hair in just one month.

Hair Loss Cycle -

Hair loss is caused by an imbalance during the hair growth cycle. Problems occur when there is a reduction of growing follicles (anagen) combined with an increased number of degenerating follicles (telogen)

How GROW by Hair Gain Works -

GROW by Hair Gain stimulates specific signalling molecules in the dermal papilla cells which are required to initiate new growth in the follicles.

Unique Formula -

GROW by Hair Gain contains the exclusive Anagain - derived from the organic pea shoot.

The pea shoot is small but mighty when it comes to hair loss; its powerful phytonutrients stimulate fuller and thicker hair at the root.

GROW by Hair Gain also contains Zinc and Biotin, which hep to maintain healthy hair growth from within.

HAIR GAIN has been developed and designed by women who have a passion for preserving the FABULOUS FOLLICLES.

Directions For Use -

Take two capsules daily after a mean with water for a minimum of three months or until you are satisfied with your results.

Whilst improvements are visible after just 30 days we recommend taking GROW by Hair Gain consistently for six months to ensure the super nutrients have adequate time to build up in the body.

If you wish to take GROW during pregnancy, breast feeding or whilst taking medication we recommend you check with your doctor before hand.

Suitable for healthy adults from 18 years of age.

Vegan friendly

Halal friendly

Vegetarian friendly


Clinical Study Results

- Stimulates hair follicles at the source

- Scientifically proven to reduce hair loss

- Supports visibly thicker, fuller hair in just one month

- Contributes to a 78% increase in hair growth

- Restores hair strength, vitality and shine

- 86% of users noticed a significant improvement after taking GROW

- Strengthens thinning hair from the inside out

- Visible results for both men and women

Recommended for post pregnancy / of a mature age

Suitable for all ages from 18 years old.



1 Box = 60 Capsules

Take 2x Daily

1 Box = 1 Month's Supply

Retail Price - £34.99

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