Mental Wellness

Mental Health. Something often not spoken about and too many people suffer in silence.

There are approximately 1 in 4 people in the U.K who will experience a mental health disorder each year. In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem ( such as anxiety and depression in any given week)

The overall number of people with mental health problems has not changed significantly in recent years, but worries about things like money, jobs, relationships etc can make it harder for people to cope.

It appears that how people cope with mental health disorders is getting worse as the number of people who self harm or who have suicidal thoughts sadly is increasing.

How common are specific problems?

Every seven years a survey is done in England to measure the number of people who have different types of mental health disorders. A report from 2017 reported the following figures

**The below information is from MIND**


5.9 in 100 people


3.3 in 100 people


2.4 in 100 people


1.3 in 100 people


0.6 people in 100 people


4.4 in 100 people


7.8 in 100 people

Estimates for bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder and personality disorders are usually measured over a persons lifetime, rather than each year.

Estimates for the number of people with these diagnoses can vary quite a lot but the most recent reported findings are as follows;


0.7 in 100 people


2.0 in 100 people


3.3 in 100 people


2.4 in 100 people

These findings were measured over the last year.

The survey also measures the number of people who have self harmed, had suicidal thoughts or have made suicidal attempts over their lifetime:


20.6 in 100 people


6.7 in 100 people


7.3 in 100 people


These findings and statistics have been taken from studies that have surveyed people living in private housing in England. The figures do not include the number of people experiencing mental health problems in hospitals, sheltered housing or people who are homeless. Therefore these figures may underestimate the prevalence of mental health disorders.

How accessible is treatment?

Reports fro both England and Wales suggest approximately 1 in 8 adults with a mental health problem are currently receiving treatment, medication is reported the most common type of treatment for a mental health disorder.

There are many other forms of mental health issues, including panic attacks, parenting with a mental health disorder, postnatal depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, psychosis. schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder, student life, tardive dyskinesia, hoarding, hearing voices, eating disorders, drugs - recreational drugs and alcohol, dissocriative disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, anxiety and panic attacks, anger.



Call 0300 123 3393


Text 86463

Mind Infoline

PO Box 75225


E15 9FS



How can holistic therapies, such as massage help relieve depression?

When muscles and connective tissues become stiff or rigid, it can cause pain and limit your movement, Massage therapy can help relieve this tension in your muscles and connective tissues. Also increasing your blood flow to promote RELAXATION,

If you have depression, massage therapy will not cure your condition but it may help you with the physical symptoms associated with it. For example massage helps alleviate sluggishness, back pain, joint pain and tired aching muscles. Massage can ease fatigue and enhance better sleep.

The pleasure of touch also releases endorphins, our feel good happy hormones making you calmer, more relaxed and feeling nurtured.


If you have depression, it is always recommended you check with your doctor prior to booking in a massage, especially if you would like an aromatherapy massage. This is due to the essential oils absorbing into your blood system, if you are on medication a referral is recommended.

Always ensure you visit a qualified specialist for massage, as during your consultation prior to your treatment your massage therapist will know which oil blends to avoid using but select blends based on what you speak about during your consultation which is extremely important to get a better understanding and to enhance results for you during and post treatment.

If massage is not your thing or you are unable to experience massage any form of beauty treatment can uplift you.

We all love being touched and pampered! We all live in a socially active 24/7 stressful world. We absorb so much information and with the effects of social media, where everything is usually upbeat and positive - people only showcasing and sharing the 'good stuff' easily sucks people in. We then self doubt ourselves and compare our lives to someone else. Please do remember social media is great but also has a detrimental impact on us all, whether suffering from a mental disorder or not. We all feel the pressure!


I LOVE random acts of kindness.

Who doesn't!

When someone is kind to someone else, whether it is a smile or a compliment we feel good. Our brain recognises this warm and happy feeling and releases endorphins - HAPPY HORMONES!

We can all put a smile on our face and post an amazing piece of 'happy' content to social media but we never know what someone is going through behind closed doors, behind the make up, behind the smile, behind the chirpy upbeat mood. For a lot of people it a mask, a shield to hide what is going on within.


Confide in a stranger if easier, a specialist or a family or friend.

I think we all suffer with our mental health on some level and SELF CARE is vital.

It is NOT selfish, it is ESSENTIAL

Here are some of my top tips for self care.

Water - drink water first thing in the morning to hydrate your body

Write down 5 thing every day that did not totally suck

Make a food menu for the week so you do not feel over whelmed thinking daily what to have for dinner!!

Try that new yoga or any exercise class you have been telling yourself you will go.... one day!

Take a new routine to work, if possible

Have a mini dance party. Stick on those headphones or turn up the volume and dance of any negative stress or negative energy

Take 5 minutes to decompress every single day

SMILE - Even if you feel you can't or do not want to smile did you know by smiling even only a half smile tricks your brain into thinking you are happy - releasing some lovely happy hormones.

Mindfulness - Connect with yourself. Switch off.

Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground for a couple of minutes. Have silence or soothing music playing in the background. Take a sip of water and close your eyes. Relax, feel the water as you slowly swallow. Feel your feet on the ground and bum on the chair. I like to in vision I am sitting in a canoe and just drifting through a lake, total calm and stillness. Think of the water and how it slowly but calmly ripples. Take deep breaths and be in the present moment. You should feel calmer, more grounder, blood pressure lowered as you begin to slowly open your eyes and come back in to focus.

Try it, it really works wonders!!

Move for at least 30 minutes a day

Get some sleep, aim for 8 hours sleep each night.

Go to bed earlier a couple times a week

Disconnect from all electrical devices 30 minutes before bed -

focus on breathing, reach 10 pages of a book

Practice kegel exercises

Start your day with something pleasant

Start the day with gratitude and a positive thought




Confront your negativity on paper.

This enhances mental clarity

Grow some fruit or vegetables gives you focus and something to add to your daily routine, the day you get to eat your own home grown with love fruit and veg is very satisfying

Volunteer even an hour once a month

Go shopping

Have a family dinner. Make sure you all have dinner together and sit around the dining room table together, no phones, no television in the background. Engage in conversation

Sit up straight. Posture posture posture!!!

Detox from technology and work.

Plan a workout date with a friend or coffee / lunch date

Eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day to replenish and set you up for the day

Have a warm bath

Have a home pamper with some beautifully fragrant indulgent hair, face and body care products. Sense of smell is a wonderful thing and can relax, de stress and calm you. Also uplift your mood and mindset.

Limit alcohol consumption, but do not feel guilty about a glass or two of your favourite alcoholic beverage once a week or at the weekend

Go for a country walk. enjoy nature

Go on holiday or a plan a few mini breaks

There are SO many things you can do if you are willing too and also make the time and effort to enjoy.


MENTAL HEALTH is so important and not taken for granted.

If you feel you are suffering or if you sadly do suffer a form of mental health disorder please know you are never ever alone.

Please do share this post as it is so important and we all need to think of our mental wellbeing a little more.

Until next time....

Love and kindness


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