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Lets talk Lash Lifts. I personally really enjoy performing this treatment and really love that 'oh wow moment' when my lovely clients see their lashes immediately after their treatment has been completed.

Being a Beauty Therapist, we often do our own treatments and Lash Lift is something I love to treat myself too (even if I am the one performing the treatment on myself)

So what is a Lash Lift and why is it a 'must have' treatment?


A long lasting treatment that helps to open and emphasise the eyes by creating beautifully curled and lifted lashes.

Short straight lashes appear longer and darker, tired eyes appear more open and awake and overall confidence lifted too.

Simply team up with a eyelash tint for extra definition.

Lash Lift - Lashes are lifted right from the root using a unique silicone curler to create the illusion of length and volume that will last up to 8 weeks.

Ideal for those that want to enhance and emphasise their eyes but don't need or want individual eyelash extensions.

Lash Curl - This is a simple, safe and effective way to enhance the appearance of the eyes. It gives an instant curl to the natural lashes that will last up to 8 weeks.

Perfect for holidays or those who do not wear or enjoy wearing make up throughout the year.

Tinting - This is such a popular treatment that enhances and defines the lashes and brows, lasting anything between 3-6 weeks.

Patch Testing - Please be aware a patch test IS required prior to having a lash lift or a tinting treatment. 48 hours is the recommended time to be tested before having this treatment. (Free of charge)

A patch test is a quick and simple procedure, taking 5 minutes including consultation. Your therapist will cleanse the skin either on the inner wrist or at the back of the ear, then a small amount of products are applied to the skin with an applicator. Reactions can be either instant or over 24 hours so it is important to not cleanse the skin for this length of time. A consultation will also need to be completed during your patch test.

A patch test should be regularly repeated every 3-4 months dependant on the brands used. If you have sensitive skin around the eyes then a patch test can be given every 2 months. For example, if you suffer with seasonal allergies your sensitivity will be increased. The treatment is still fine to have, but safety and care should always be a priority.

If you are having a lash or brow treatment in a new salon or your current beauty therapist changes brand a patch test is required. Please do NOT go anywhere where a patch test is not mentioned, let alone not offered. It is a legal requirement to prevent any adverse reactions which could of been prevented had a simple patch test had of been completed. Please do not look at a patch test as a inconvenience, which many do.

Who can have the treatment? - Lash Lift treatments as well as Tinting treatments can be performed on men, women and are safe during pregnancy.

Treatments are also suitable for teens with consent from a parent or guardian.

During pregnancy, hormones can affect things such as skin, hair, nails and even eyelashes. Your lashes may become drier or oilier. You will still get a great result, however occasionally results may not last the full 8 weeks, but should last a good 5-6 weeks.

Salon System Lash Lift system is VEGAN FRIENDLY and CRUELTY FREE

Here is a step by step guide on our lovely client Annabelle's lashes.

This was Annabelle's first Lash Lift treatment, after wearing individual eyelash extensions, after the time it took to get her lashes infilled and lashes becoming a little sparse Annabelle decided to experience a Lash Lift. When I showed our lovely client her results her first words were "Wow, looks like I am wearing extensions" (a patch test was carried our prior to her treatment)

Eyelash Tint colour is Blue/Black by Strictly Professional.

Also featured are some other clients results from their Lash Lift treatments

All images and work is by Michaela at Moroccan Rose.

Home Care and Maintenance - The beauty of a lash lift treatment is that there is no real maintenance after the first 24 hours post treatment.

You MUST keep your eyelashes completely dry for the first 24 hours after having a lash lift treatment.

A lash lift involves applying specialised solutions to a delicate area, you should keep your lashes dry for a minimum of 24 hours after the procedure. Avoiding moisture will help to ensure that the curl settles in properly.

You MUST also avoid using neat oils or oil based products for a minimum of 24 hours after having a lash lift treatment. (Same reasons above) After 24 hours, you can continue to use your regular eye care products which contain oils.

Brush through your lashes the following morning, if you are a side sleeper a great tip is to gently comb through your lashes with a dry disposable mascara wand - your beauty therapist / lash tech will give you one at the end of your treatment. Sleeping on the side will not affect your lashes, it will just re position them - just like brushing through your bed hair.

Stages of a Lash Lift treatment - When booking a lash lift treatment, you can either book with or without a eyelash tint. Some places do not give you the option of this, however I think it is important too.

- Firstly during consultation your therapist will do an eye analysis. Making sure you do not have conjunctivitis or any other infections to the eye area. If you do PLEASE cancel your appointment as the treatment will NOT be able to go ahead.

- Contact lenses will also need to be removed prior to your treatment - it is best to wear glasses on the day of your lash lift / eyelash treatments for safety reasons.

- Please avoid wearing mascara / eye make up upon arrival. Removing mascara will result in precious minutes being lost during the course of the treatment.

- Your lashes and eye width will be analysed, this will determine which lash shield will be used (S/M/L)

- A non oily lash and brow cleanser will cleanse the eye area; it is important to remove any debris, oil, make up from the lashes.

- A lash shield will be carefully applied to the eyelid using a specially designed non adhesive lash glue.

- Once shields are secure, your lashes will be gently lifted up on to the shield using a professional lash tool and adhered with the non adhesive lash glue.

- Usually a brightening and hydrating eye mask is applied underneath the eyes with calming and soothing properties. (Or some places offer this as an upgrade option) *included within our lash lift treatments.

- The perm solution is then applied using a micro applicator. It is important not to apply the perm from root to tip. This gives the lashes that over permed look, if your eyelashes are medium to long in length naturally an over perm apart from not looking correct will irritate, making you have spiders legs touching your brow bone. (This is no reverse solution and you will have to wait for the lift to naturally drop over 8 weeks) The perm takes approximately 5-7 minutes to activate and develop although all brands timings vary.

- Please note some therapists will at this stage disappear and leave the room. This is a big NO NO! If you sense your therapist has left the room at any stage of your treatment, query this at the end. Due to specialist chemical based solutions on the eye area, your therapist should be present at all times,

- During the perm phase I perform a relaxing hand massage.

- Next the Fixing solution is applied, fix is what ensures the perm lasts. Again this will takes approximately 5-7 minutes to activate. During this time, I perform a foot massage.

If you are not having a eyelash tint, once the fixing stage is completed and removed, your lashes will be carefully released from the lash shield and combed through with a hydrating solution.

If you are including an eyelash tint, the chosen colour would of been discussed during consultation. Colour options include brown, black or blue/black. (Blue/black is more of a jet black - your lashes do not look blue as some may think) The eyelash tint will take approximately 8 minutes to develop. During this time, I like to perform a mini scalp massage, because who doesn't love that!

Your lashes will then be carefully released from the lash shield and combed through with the nourishing solution and voila! Beautiful lifted lashes.

Brands - There are many different brands available.

At Moroccan Rose, our chosen brand is SALON SYSTEM Lash Lift System.

One of the original lash lift systems.

I first trained in the Salon System Lash Lift System many years ago while completing my NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy qualifications back in 2005/2006.

The Lash Lift treatment made a big come back a few years ago and so I decided to refresh / update my skills and re did the Salon System Lash Lift training. Plus I love a certificate and wanted to update this.

When I first completed this treatment training, we used lash rods. Now you are thinking what is a lash rod?

If you think of the sticky pipe cleaner type that was applied after having a blood test, that is what they remind me off. The rods were not as popular, results being more of a subtle lift than curl or curl and lift.

They work well for older ladies or those with quite short, flat lashes. Rods are still available and I still have them in my professional kit. It was then when lash shields were introduced the results really gave you that 'oh wow' factor from professionals and clients.

Salon System are leading experts in brows, lashes and waxing.

Moroccan Rose also offers the Salon System Marvel Brow - Colour, Sculpt and Correct treatment

(Their version of HD Brows)

I really love the Lash Lift treatment and so do my lovely clients. For some it is a regular essential part of their beauty regime and others like to enjoy a lash lift for a special occasion; holiday, wedding, honeymoon, during the summer. It fits in with everyone's lifestyle perfectly.

If you do not like wearing mascara, or have allergies to make up or do not have the time to apply daily this treatment is for you (even a simple eyelash does wonders for the eyes)

If you have tried eyelash extensions and not enjoyed the process, upkeep, maintenance, the feeling of having extensions or the cost and time for regular infills I highly recommend trying a lash lift treatment.

Treatment duration

Salon System Lash Lift exc tint - 45 minutes

Salon System Lash Lift inc eyelash tint - 1 hour

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