'Maskne' is mask induced acne

Most of us in the UK are not used to wearing a face mask - and neither is our skin

Wearing a face mask for hours, every day to have noticed a skin reaction after wearing for prolonged lengths of time each day.

Many mask wearers are reporting redness, irritation and breakouts as a result of wearing them constantly

Breakouts of maskne are most commonly founds on peoples chins, along the jaw, neck and above the upper lip.

Maskne occurs when sweat, sebum and bacteria are trapped on the skin while wearing your mask.

Face masks can cause irritation by either physically rubbing against the skin, which can damage the skins protective skin barrier or by trapping in moisture, which can cause breakouts.

This type of acne is called acne mechanica, which includes any skin issues due to pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing or stretching. It is different from other kinds of acne (like pimples that show up around the time of your period, which are hormonal related) because it occurs as it only occurs where the mask rests on the skin.

In healthy skin, there are normal amounts of bacteria and yeast that live there, but when pores become blocked and clogged due to excess sweat and moisture from the mask, these organisms overgrow, leading to pimples and acne cysts.

Apart from the combination of sebum and sweat, moisture from breathing under the mask can also clog pores.

The cold, dry, winter air will not stop the issue of maskne either; it just occurs slightly differently.

The mask rubbing against drier skin can cause the hair follicles to break open, which allows acne causing bacteria to seep in.

Steps to help keep maskne at bay


Use a cleanser morning and evening daily without fail. This is something you should be doing anyway.

Even if you have not been out, not worn a face mask or any make up your skin still produces sweat, sebum and there are constant pollutants in the air.


Ladies, if you are running errands skip your make up, half of your face will be covered under your mask anyway. This also allows your skin to 'breathe' whilst wearing your mask when out

Remember to clean your make up brushes weekly to remove dead skin cells, excess oils (sebum) and bacteria. Your brushes should be cleaned weekly regardless. To clean wash with shampoo, baby shampoo or I like to use a coconut shampoo with warm water. Ensure all make up / shampoo is removed and thoroughly rinse. Leave to air dry over night.


Choose a soft, cotton mask (if possible) to reduce rubbing and irritation.

Always wear a clean mask daily to prevent bacteria, sweat and sebum accumulated from wearing your mask will be going straight back on to our face if you do not wear a clean mask daily.

If you can change your mask during the day even better, if wearing for long periods of time.

Washing your mask also prevents the spread of Covid-19.

Use hot water and laundry detergent to clean at a high temperature.

Fragrance free laundry detergent is better as left over fragrance residue can cause irritation to the skin.


Pay attention to your skin before, during and after wearing your mask. Take note if you feel moisture is building up under your mask, or if your skin feels irritated.


People are probably sharing masks, maybe by accident or if you forgot yours and there is one in the car that has been used it is best to drive back home for yours than wear your partners for example.

This will prevent cross contamination.

How do you treat acne?

There are ways to help reduce the affects of maskne

- Invest in good skin care products

- Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove built up dry, dead skin cells from your face

- Keep your skin well hydrated with a good quality moisturiser

- Have a professional facial once or twice a month for deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation

- However tempted you may be NEVER pick or pop any spots. By doing so you are causing trauma to the skin, which may lead to scarring. You are also exposing the open area allowing damp moisture, bacteria and oil to get in apart from spreading the bacteria around your face.

These are just some examples of keeping maskne at bay and helping if you are suffering breakouts from wearing a mask

As a skincare specialist, I highly recommend you use the following

BeautyLab London Foaming Cleanser 200ml £15 (lasts six months)

-Purify your skin and boost its radiance with this mild foaming gel cleanser, packed with skin loving natural fruit extracts

- Gently lifts dead, dull skin cells, the formula is enriched with papaya and pomegranate that smooths the skins surface whilst sweet orange soothes

- Chamomile is calming, making this product even suitable for those with sensitive skin

- The skins surface is left deeply cleansed, yet not stripped of moisture.

- Brighter, refreshed and soft.

- Pomegranate enzyme is skin smoothing and antioxidant rich

- Suitable for men, women and during pregnancy

Use daily morning and evening. Ladies if wearing make up make sure to double cleanse

BeautyLab Glyco Wash 5% 200ml £25 (lasts six months)

-Resurface, clarify and brighten your skin with this pH balanced, oil free, foaming cleansing gel

- Hard working formula to combat blemishes, breakouts, dullness and pigmentation

- Combining glycolic and salicylic acids

- The decongesting formula penetrates the pores, unclog excess oils, expels impurities, removed dead dull skin cells and helps to stimulate cell regeneration

- Antioxidant rich and skin smoothing pomegranate enzyme further exfoliates and helps to reduce the visibility of impurities, fine lines and wrinkles

- The complexion is left fresher, healthier looking, more even and radiant

- Suitable for men and women. Not suitable during pregnancy

- Not suitable for daily use, as it is a active formulation

- Multi award winning skincare product

- (You can also use this on your hands for a skin smoothing, anti ageing and brightening treatment

1x a week)

You would use Glyco Wash only 1-2 times a week morning and evening, not daily due to the glycolic within the product. 5% is suitable for home use and gives visible results

The days you do not use Glyco Wash, you would use Foaming Cleanser

BeautyLab Balancing Toner 200ml £15 (lasts six months)

- To compliment both of the above cleansers, it is important to use a toner during your everyday skin care regime

- Suitable for all skin types. Even sensitive skin

- Unisex

- Suitable during pregnancy

- Alcohol Free toner that smooths the skin and helps to refine the pores

- Formulated with a blend of pro vitamin B5. peppermint. wild yam and watercress

- A refreshing and balancing toner which is alcohol free and rich in natural extracts and essential oils

BeautyLab Micro Polish Face Rejuvenator 50ml £15 (lasts six months)

- Uncover smooth, fresh and radiant ski with this creamy treatment exfoliator that is gentle yet effective.

- Finely ground walnut shell lifts away dead skin cells that compromise the skins ability to reflect light, as it also kick starts the cell renewal process

- Lemongrass helps to detoxify and clear pores

- Melon works to keep skin hydrated and replenishes

- Blackcurrant nourishes and softens

- Neroli boosts elasticity and suppleness

- The complexion is left polished, supple and vibrant

- Created for all skin types

This product is recommended to use 1 x a week. After cleansing and before toning

BeautyLab Smart Defence Moisturiser SPF 20 50ml £29 *lasts six months)

- Nourish, soften and deliver exceptional protection to your skin with this light to touch, easily absorbed day cream

- Not only does it shield the skin from the damage of UVA / UVB sun rays. it also rebuffs environmental aggressors to help prevent premature ageing

- Anti inflammatory and antioxidant desert plant provides immediate and long lasting soothing hydration, while hyaluronic acid locks down a surge of moisture, quenches the cells thirst and enhances plumpness and bounce

- Hawaiian sea plant and plant collagen come together to firm the skin and improve its suppleness and smoothness.

- The complexion is left comprehensively defended, replenished and silky soft

- This moisturiser also helps to maintain its natural moisture barrier, keeping your skin hydrated for longer

Use this product daily in the morning. You can apply during the evening, however a night time cream is recommended for evening use

These are my 'top must have picks' to help keep your maskne under control

Professional treatments are also available

For a deeply cleansing and hydrating / brightening treatment - Essentials Facial

(Suitable for everyone) - Includes a skin analysis under a professional lamp

For acne, acne scarring, blocked pores, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles - Glycolic Peel

(Not suitable during pregnancy) - Includes a skin analysis under a professional lamp

BeautyLab Facials are available exclusively at Moroccan Rose

BeautyLab Products are available for retail at Moroccan Rose

For more advice, please do not hesitate to contact us directly

Until Next Time......

Be safe, be positive and remember self care is essential

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