Perfectly Polished Pedicure

Lets talk feet.... love them, hate them one thing is for sure most of us neglect our feet

Our feet are so hardworking, they deserve some tender loving care; whether that is at home or booking a professional Pedicure.

Spring is here and we will soon be living in our sandals....hoorah!

Chipped nail polish, non manicured toes and the dreaded hard skin will all be on display...

But it does not have to be this way by enjoying a Pedicure, which will not only make your feet look and feel amazing but it is also the perfect de-stress. Who doesn't love a foot massage and looking at their perfectly painted nails.

Lets talk Dry hard skin and unsightly calluses.

Not only unpleasing to the eye, having such a thick hard layer of dead skin and rough calluses can be quite painful

Say hello to our signature PERFECTLY POLISHED PEDICURE treatment

You will be AMAZED by the results, even after just one treatment the results are incredible.

CALLUS PEEL UK is the best selling Callus Peel in the UK since 2006

Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas of the feet by a Skin Softener patch where calluses develop. This softening patch has all the ingredients necessary to dramatically remove the calluses from the feet, all within 15 minutes.

A 4 step system which gives immediate results, even after the first treatment.

Ingredients are as natural as possible. Callus Peel is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Contains natural fruit acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)

Treatment results are instant, the skin is softer, healthier looking and silky smooth. Like anything, home care should be continued to keep dry skin and calluses at bay.

The feet are the bodies driest body part, that combined with the daily pressures we put on our hardworking feet friction is caused. This contributes to the build up forming.

Exfoliate your feet once a week, preferably with a specifically designed exfoliant for the feet - this will stimulate circulation, whilst smoothing the skin of dry skin. Do not be tempted to over exfoliate as this will be too abrasive for the delicate skin on the feet as the soles do not have hair follicles so the dry skin cushions and protects our feet from daily walking.

Post treatment and especially if you suffer with exceptionally dry skin and thick calluses, it is highly recommended to apply Callus Peel Moisture Cream daily - this is a nourishing foot lotion which works to condition, moisturise, soothe and reduces dry skin build up. Use the Moisture Cream AM and PM.

Health and Safety

Anyone can experience a Callus Peel treatment. If you have the bare minimum of dry skin and do not have calluses you can enjoy a peel, or opt for one of our other Pedicure treatments. The Perfectly Polished Pedicure is a specialist foot treatment known as a 'Facial for the feet'

The Callus Peel is not suitable during pregnancy.

Post partum, you can have a peel 12 weeks after childbirth.

This is due to hormones and a possible increase in sensitivity during and after pregnancy.

The Moisture Cream can be used during pregnancy but only from 12 weeks. Suitable for men and women.

If you have Diabetes, a GP referral may be required if you have a severe form of diabetes.

This treatment is recommended a minimum of once a month

Treatment breakdown :

- Foot cleanse

- Skin analysis

- Application of skin softener patches

- Nail analysis

- Nail shape

- Cuticle tidy

- Removal of skin softener patches

- Exfoliation - (this is not necessary, however I think it is a nice addition to the pedicure treatment to remove dry skin cells from the top of the foot also)

- Application of Moisture Cream

- Foot Spritz

- Polish application

If you would like to upgrade to Gel polish, this can be added on. Please state at time of booking.

Treatment - 45 minutes

Price - £40

Please bring with you have open toe sandals / flip flops with you to pop on to allow your nail polish to dry completely.

Moisture Cream is available for retail at Moroccan Rose. £10


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