Jessica Nails Bend Don't Break

Jessica Nails Bend Don't Break


Jessica Nails Bend Don't Break - Nail Treatment 0.5 oz

Achieve maximum flexibility for your natural nails protecting them from the abuses of everyday life with Jessica Nails Bend Don't Break. A breakthrough formula, enriched formaldehyde free treatment formulation that helps nails become better equipped to bounce back instead of break off. 

Using citral and htdrolysed wheat protein, Jessica Nails Bend Don't Break is a base coat that works by increasing flexibility and protection the nails from breaking so easily, leaving you with healthier nails full of flexibility.

Vegan and cruelty free. 

  • Home Care

    Can be used as a base coat or clear polish.

    Jessica's prescriptive base coats are designed to slowly feed the natural nail. If you are not wearing a colour, re apply base coat every 2-3 days to ensure they have all the nourishment they need. 

    Treatments should be used reguarly for 6-8 weeks to see maximum results and help the condition of your nails. 

    Apply using the Jessic Nails painting technique of 8-10 strokes under and over the nail to seal the free edge. 

  • Ingredients

    Citral and hydrolysed wheat protein. 

    Vegan friendly 

    Cruelty free

    7 free (chemical free)


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    We do not accept returns unless damaged or faulty.

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  • Nail Characteristics

    Nails that break or 'snap' easily at the sides with little or no flexibility