Jessica Nails Life Jacket

Jessica Nails Life Jacket


Jessica Nails Life Jacket (Strengthening) Treatment Base Coat for nails that need extra support (active nails) o.5 oz

A life line for active nails. Strengtheners, conditioners and microfibres work together to create a protective cushioning for nauls that are prone to splitting or breaking. Follow with a coat of Flawless for a smooth finish. 

Life Jacket must be applied over a treatment base coat and should be followed by Flawless.

Vegan and cruelty free formula.


  • Home Care

    Paint Life Jackey in two thin coats - one vertical and one horizontal across the nail. This reinforces the strength and flexibility of the nail. Follow with a coat of flawless as the nails surface will have a textured finish. 

    To ensure only a thin layer of Life Jacket is used, brush almost all of the product back into the bottle before applying.

  • Ingredients

    Nylon Fibres

    7 Free (Chemical Free)

    Vegan Friendly 

    Cruelty Free


  • Product Benefits

    Rebalancing protein levels


    Supports the natural nails


  • Nail Characteristics

    Fragile nails

    Thin nails

    Break easily 

    Prone to splitting 

    Active hands 

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