Jessica Nails Recovery

Jessica Nails Recovery


Jessica Nails Recovery (Conditioning) Treat Base Coat - Brittle Nails 0.5 oz

When nails lose moisture, they become brittle and snap easily. Recovery's hydrating formula allows the nail to retain moisture to improve flexibility.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free

  • Home Care

    Paint with a generous amount of product on the brush ensuring to cover the entire nail. To finish brush across and under the free edge (nail tip) of the nail to seal in the treatment. 

    You can apply nail polish over the top or use Recovery as a nail treatment. If so, it is recommended to apply consistently for 6-8 weeks for maximum results. Apply daily or every other day.

  • Ingredients

    KSW (Keratin, Soy and Wheat Protein)



    7 Free (Chemical Free)

    Vegan Friendly 

    Cruelty Free

  • Product Benefits

    Rebalancing calcium levels 


    Aids flexibility 

  • Nail Characteristics

    Hard nails


    May be curved

    Breaks high on the nail, below the flesh line 

    Free edge (nail tip) shatters easily 

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