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Get To Know Me

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would do a little 'Get to know me' post

Firstly, my name is Michaela and I am the founder of Moroccan Rose.

It is just me within my business, so I manage various tasks including;

- Treatments

- Admin including stock control


- Market research

- Training in new treatments, products and business

- Accounts

- Website design and management

- Writing blog posts / newsletters

- Social media management and creating content

- Liaising with my chosen product brands

- Cleaning.....

The list goes on!

I launched Moroccan Rose in the summer of 2013 - 10 year ago this year! I have no idea where almost a decade has gone! I opened my beautiful beauty salon within Hornchurch High Street, based in Essex. I was here for 7 years, before relocating. Well..... sadly the new premises fell through when we went into the first national lockdown thanks to Corona Virus! Since 2020, I have been adjusting to life as a mobile beauty therapist, I thought this was the most sensible thing to do.

As much as I loved having an actual shop, it was extremely stressful. exhausting not to mention very expensive to run.

I opened with 0 clients, 0 business experience and yet somehow grew a lovely and loyal client base and if that was not an achievement in itself, have gone on to be the very proud business owner of not one but 18 awards!

Before I went after my dream of creating my own beauty business, I had worked in London at some of the most luxurious 5* day spas including;

The Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden,

The Spa in Dolphin Square, Pimlico,

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane

One Aldwych Hotel, Covent Garden

Here I gained all my experience, prior to launching my own 'spa'

I predominantly was a Spa Therapist, delivering about a million treatments a week, part of the events team, team leader, trainer, supervisor and assistant manager.

I am a very ambitious individual who likes to try fulfil my ideas.

I worked in London Day Spa's for 6 years.

I am a qualified Teacher and assessor, I hope to launch Moroccan Rose - Training Academy in the near future.

I am also in the process of creating my own brand Wylde ROSE.

I am a session manicurist, performing nail treatments at events such as London Fashion Week, Brides The Show and Magazine features.

My nail work has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Grazia, Elle, Professional Beauty, Pop Sugar, Cosmo, Evening Standard and Scratch Magazine.

Work aside, some random facts about me,,,,,

- I am only 5ft 1+1/2 (the half makes all the difference)

- I am kind, thoughtful and very outgoing

- I treat everyone with kindness and respect

- I actually really enjoy fruit and vegetables!

- My water intake is shockingly bad at best of times

- I could, if possible, eat cake every day. Cake is life! Especially with a nice cuppa tea!

- When I was a child I was painfully shy which is the total opposite to now as I am told I am quite the chatterbox

- I love days in London. Covent Garden is my favourite place to go to

- I am obsessed with animals. My career options were either working with animals, I think in animal welfare or beauty. I decided not to fulfil my dream job of working with animals as I just love them too much. I get attached easily and it would of been to heart breaking to see animals suffering and being mistreated so my 15 year old self chose a career within the beauty industry instead.

- If there are dogs around me, not only does it make me happy but I am that annoying person who, when out, says to whoever I am with oh look at that dooooog how cute! I want one of those.

- I have a almost 13 year old King Charles Cavalier called Ruby. I am obsessed with her! I must tell her 10000 times a day I love her and how much I have missed her after a day at work. I went out for a birthday card and come back with a puppy. Definitely the best impulsive purchase I have ever made. Some like designer clothes, I like pups!

- I was born in Romford, Essex

- I am religious with my skincare products. I love beauty, hair and nail products. SPF50 daily!

- I like having treatments, but am usually disappointed with various things so I tend to just do my own (it is not the same, but at least I am happy with the results)

- I love the sun and definitely want to travel the world more.

- I am naturally pale, even being in the sun I rarely get a noticeable suntan.

- I have a lovely boyfriend who is from Yorkshire, but moved to Essex 8 years ago.

- I love extremely hot food and can always out eat fully grown men on the spice level ha ha!

- My favourite colour is baby / blush pink

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me a little more.

If there is anything you would like to ask please get in touch

Best Wishes

Michaela x

PS Exciting news I will soon be launching our new premises for all your beauty treatments and time for some well deserved relaxation!

More details to follow very soon!


Contact 07783430004


Instagram @moroccanrose_beauty

Instagram @moroccanrose_academy

Instagram @nails_bymichaelajohnson

Facebook @MoroccanRoseHornchurch

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