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At Home Manicure Tips

'Treat your nails like jewels not tools'

Have you ever looked at someone's beautifully manicured nails and wondered how their nails look so healthy?

Yes they could be getting professional Manicure treatments but they may also be looking after their nails at home too. It is always highly recommended to continue to care for your nails between treatments

Keep reading for our must have tips to care for your nails at home and in between your appointments

Shaping your nails

Always shape your nails in one direction, never 'seesaw' back and forth as this can weaken the free edge

Try to keep your nails short or with minimal length. The longer your nails they are prone to snapping. A classic British Manicure is short squoval nails

A square nail shape is the strongest nail shape. If you think it can look 'harsh' opt for a squoval shape this is a square nail with soft round edges, making the nails look less harsh and more elegant

Cuticle Oil / Cuticle Balm

This is essential, ideally you will apply cuticle oil and or cuticle balm to your nails each morning and evening or throughout the day if the skin is feeling or looking a little parched.

Cuticle Oil helps your nail polish / gel polish last longer and also keep your cuticle area and surrounding skin hydrated. Using these products can also increase nail growth if you struggle to grow your nails

Gel Polish

Never pick off your gel polish as this leads to damaging the nail plate. As you pick and lift your gel, remember the gel is adhered to the nail plate. A professional gel polish removal is always highly recommended, however if you prefer to remove your gel polish at home, please ensure you have been informed of the correct method by your nail technician or ask advice accordingly. Professional soak off solutions can be purchased at most beauty salons and come with instructions

It is not recommended you apply gel polish to your nails if you are not trained to do so. This is very dangerous for your nails, incorrect application will not only mean your polish does not last very long on your nails, but due to polymers and various ingredients within the products plus curing under a led / uv lamp can actually burn your skin causing damage. Usually shop bought gel kits are not the same quality as what professionals, like myself, use. Buy cheap pay twice. Always go to a professional qualified nail technician

Base Coat

Who is guilty of not using a base coat prior to nail polish application?

Whether using a nude or a dark colour, base coat is an essential. This acts as your foundation, ensuring a smoother finish plus acts as a barrier between the nail plate and the colour from staining your nails.

Did you know nails don't need to breathe....

You do not have to go days or weeks nail polish free - hoorah!

Wearing some form of polish on your nails actually helps your nails.

Invest in a treatment for the nails, these act as base coats too. There are so many nail treatments available for different nail conditions; brittle, dry, damaged, post acrylic, weak, peeling, normal etc. Apply a nail treatment daily to your nails for 4-6 weeks. Your nails will thank you for it


Just like a body or face exfoliation, hands should also be cared for. Remember to exfoliate your hands once a week, ideally with a hand exfoliant. Make sure you massage the exfoliator around your nails, including the cuticle area - even if you are wearing nail polish. This will soften the ski and cuticles. No more dry looking cuticles or hands

Hand Lotion

Our hands are put through their paces on a daily basis so always make sure to moisturise. Hydrated hands and nails mean your manicure will last longer and your skin will look healthier too. Our hands show the signs of ageing, so don't forget you keep those hands well hydrated.

Hopefully you find our At Home Manicure tips useful, they also apply to your foot care needs too.

Until next time.....

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