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Simple Tips For Better Sleep

There are countless books and websites telling us how to het better sleep, however, it seems that they are all endlessly repeating the same 'sleep hygiene' advice. I believe that it is up to each individual to find the way that works best for them. There aren't any golden rules for good sleep, but there are some guiding principles.

Your BEDROOM should be dark, quiet, cool and you should have a comfortable bed.

The bedroom should be strongly associated with sleep, thus if you are asleep you should be in your bedroom and if you're not asleep you shouldn't be. That means no television, n computer, and no work in the bedroom!

Ideally, you should only go to bed when you are feeling sleepy. Listen to your body rather than going to bed because the programme on the television has finished, or because your significant other wants to go to bed etc.

If you haven't fallen asleep within 30 minutes at the start of the night, get up and go back to bed when you are sleepy. If you wake up in the middle of the night and don't fall back to sleep within 20 minutes do the same.

Don't watch the clock. If you know what time it is then you have your eyes open which means you are not trying to fall asleep.

Try to have a regular wake up time, 7 days a week. Don't worry about your sleep and don't force yourself to go to sleep. The harder you try the less likely you are to get quality rest.

Try spending at least 30 minutes winding down before bedtime. This includes avoiding the television, tablet or phone screens. This is starting to dangerously look like a list of rules to go to sleep! So here, in my mind, the simple most important guiding principle is....

In order to get good sleep you need a quiet mind and a relaxed body.

A quiet mind is the most important part of this because if your mind is active or stressed you are less likely yo fall asleep. Your wind down ritual should quiet the mind and relax the body - it does not matter what it is as long as you enjoy doing it. If aromatherapy quietens your mind then you should continue to use it, if its some light yoga great, listening to some soothing music, a warm bath, reading a chapter of a book or doing some mindfulness meditations. Whatever works for you, or maybe you are unsure so try the above rituals to find what suits you best.

Remember, you can not find sleep you have to let sleep find you.

Our top tips

During your evening routine; bath / shower and skin care routines enjoy the products you are using. The texture of the products on your skin, the aroma's, how they make you feel. Inhale a couple of drops of your night time products, taking in a few deep breaths deeply but slowly.

Spritz your bedroom with a relaxing room mist. We like to spray some soothing lavender or rose on to our pillows to help us drift off to sleep.

Wear a silk eye mask to sleep. Silk is so soft on the skin, it should feel weightless.

Eye masks are great for creating darkness and preventing light in, especially during the morning time.

Enjoy a herbal remedy before bedtime. Switch your cup of tea or coffee for a peppermint, rose or chamomile tea. Herbal teas are very relaxing, as the tea cools, inhale the delicate aroma and enjoy every drop.

We hope our sleep tips help you find your most peaceful nights rest, night after night

Warmest Wishes

Moroccan Rose x

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