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Sustainable Swaps To Make In Your Beauty Routine

Have you ever thought how can I be more sustainable and help the environment?

It is without saying we are all trying that little bit more to be consciously aware but how much are we implementing into our everyday life? It is one thing to think about how we can help the environment, and another by taking action.

Lets talk about small swaps we can all do together to help the environment and reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Do you remember to take your bag for life or luxury tote bag with you when doing your shopping, or remember to take your glass jars to the bottle bank or place in your recycling bins....

When it comes to beauty, what can we all do to switch up our beauty products / routines for more sustainability?

Here are some of our key tips we want to share with you....

Eco friendly and reusable products

Stop using those disposable make up wipes and cotton pads, by making the transition to using reusables ones! They are so much more convenient and not only will you be saving yourself some pennies but you will also be doing your bit to help save the environment.

Save water

A small but mighty thing, which is just as important to save water where we can. This can be as simple as turning the taps off when washing your face, or brushing your teeth. If you are feeling brave, why not adjust your lovely hot daily shower temperature to a little cooler. Did you know this is actually better for the environment and for you too! Having a cooler shower has been proven to be better for circulation, skin even nails.

Buy from brands that are eco-friendly

Make sure that the beauty brands that you are buying from are leading by example and by being cruelty free and eco-friendly.

Switch to bamboo

Lets all take a second to think of Panda's and take a leaf from their book. Panda's love bamboo and we should be embracing bamboo too. You can get all sorts of amazing beauty alternatives using bamboo from spatulas, mixing bowls, spoolies and even headbands. Bamboo is a really good alternative to plastic because it is bio degradable and eco-friendly.

Something that we are all guilty of is not using our current products before going to buy more. Don't go out and buy eco-friendly products without firstly using your current products. Work with what you have initially and if there is something that is not suitable, give it a second chance of life by re-selling or gifting to someone who you know will make use of it.

We would love to hear from you by letting us know what products you have swapped too.

Together we can all help save the planet and help the environment in its time of need.

Until next time

Love and virtual hugs,

Moroccan Rose

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Moroccan Rose is a multi award winning luxury beauty boutique, winner of 19 amazing awarding titles. Established since 2013.

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